Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Traveling Salesman

What does canary bird seed, pianos, stamps and The Daily News have in common? Damned if I know...but I like the way they look when they are placed side by side in this collage. Enjoy!

The flea market brought many neat things for future mixed media projects...a 16-cup vintage baking tin; a broken clown head; a vintage children's circus book; lots of playbills from NYC shows, Springfield, MA shows, all from the late 30's and early 40's; a fabulous mini awl with a wonderful wooden handle; pair of antique glasses; mini salt and pepper shaped like tea pots; another blue tin; and much more. Books were free today and I couldn't get enough.

Meet Alice....she's on a 4" x 6" masonite board.

Friday, October 23, 2009

When Art Comes In the Mail

It's magical! My wonderful friend, Sheila Carpenter, the most creative folk artist in the world, has created a wonderful assemblage. This was a challenge for both of us....using old cigarette paper covers, a find at Brimfield. I sent her a little box using the cigarette paper covers and yesterday I received this from her....isn't it wonderful? What fun! I just love it. Thanks, Sheila!
It now hangs on my wall in my office. I just love the way you made her clothes out of the papers. A-dorable!

Here is a side view showing the raggedy silk ribbon wrapping around the well-designed cigar box with a great antique button at the top.
I'm so lucky to have met Sheila. What fun to swap art. It's a blast!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Way To Display Antique Lace ---

I whipped this up this afternoon while I was waiting for my husband to fix my "dead" computer. The computer is fixed "he is a genius" and the only bad thing is I have to go back to work.
I'm put this up on ebay to see if there is any interest for old antique lace, displayed with a beautiful floral pattern and all you need to do it drop it into an 8" x 10" frame. It's for those people who just can't get enough lace in their life. Like "me" for instance.
A judy kahooti original! Go to ebay, seller judykahooti and bid! Get yourself a one-of-a-kind lace sampler.

Oh No...Another Spinner!

Do I want to Relax or Splurge or Work or Create or Sing or Snack or Prosper? I just spin my little spinner and see where it lands. The fine rick rack (old antique handmade piece) is running around the covered Anheuser Busch Cork Coaster. The back has an old antique look to it.

Now you can see the very fine rick rack glued on to the bottom edge. These take about 45 minutes to make, love, love spinners. Do You?

Creating Something from Nothing! I had this old ugly hand mirror, made of wood, painted a cream color and it was not nice to look at. I almost threw it away several times but something told me to hold on to it. Last night, way past bedtime, I got an idea to turn it into a piece of art. Well, what took me so long! I covered it with Italian marble paper, some sheet music, some rubber stamps, a big rose on the back with two gold cherubs I picked up at the flea market last Sunday. I think the cherubs had something to do with this. Believe me, I didn't know what I was going to do with them -- but they found a place to hang out!

The colors are more greens, browns, red and cream. It could hang on the wall or lay flat on my dresser. I used mat gel medium for everything except the cherubs, they were glued down with 6000. So if anyone is out there....let me know what you think!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to spend 2 hours adding music to my blog...

Just to find 6 or 7 songs that might be fun to listen to while you are reading over my blog -- did I ever dream it would take me two hours to figure it out? If you want to add music to your blog...just go to

It may be easier for some, difficult for others, but it is worth it, don't you think?

(pictured above is a unique bakelite button on one of my latest totebag creations...go to to see more.

Friday, October 2, 2009

And yet another "spinner"

I'm in love with "spinners"...they are so much fun to make, maybe because they are only 4" x 4" and can be made in less than an hour! I've used Tim Holtz spinners, available at Michaels; old photos; matte gel medium; paper, Ranger ink pads and a polka dot rubber stamp. Oh, and one more...Pantopaque metallic gold marker. Try one! Once you complete it, you will have to design a game for your game spinner.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let's Make a Game Board Collage Spinner!

FUN, FUN, FUN making game board spinners. I began with a 4" x 4" piece of illustration board. I covered the top with a pretty white paper with black flowerst. I cut 7 circles with my 1-inch circle cutter, using paper from my stash. The center is another harlequin paper design. Then I used different colors of ink and with the dabber, dabbed the corners and edges. Then I added the rub-on numbers on each 1-inch circle. Then I went around each number with a white pen. I added white dots to the numbers. And that's it! I did it all with designer papers (text weight) and inks. Oh, then I added the "Tim Holtz" spinner. You might ask why I like to make spinners??? Well, when I'm getting out the cookies, I spin my spinner and where it lands...that's how many cookies I can have! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday presents for Judy

It's so great to receive birthday presents in the mail from friends. And not all on the same day. And what lovely handmade creative gifts I received from two wonderful artists from the Charlotte, NC area. My dear cousin Dolly made this fabulous card for creative. (above)

And a few days later I received a box from Sheila Carpenter. Thanks Sheila for your fabulous package filled with some of my favorite antique doll yoyo quilt (oh my!), a box fashioned with "the doll leg" (and I have a surprise for you) and her box is filled with sweet ribbons and things; but the gift that made my jaw drop open was the "Domestic Art" junior high school handmade journal from Sioux City Public Schools, Iowa from the 30's. This just blew me away. See the photos below. How-to embroider...

How to make a facing -- collar pictured here.

And here is the cover -- Complete written directions are inside. A very special journal of a young girls sewing techniques.

You both will receive proper thank you notes in the mail. Sixty-seven is not such a bad number! Thank you so much for thinking of me...can you hear me ooing and ahhing over these!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Samuel McCoy, The Askingest Boy

Well, we did it! Burt and I wrote and illustrated a book together.

And speech therapists LOVE our book. It's a great book to read aloud.

Samuel McCoy is a little boy who loves to ask lots of questions about animals, but the thing is - he asks them in rhyme! To get some relief from the constant rhyming questions his family takes him to the zoo, where he meets a red kangaroo who acts as his guide and can talk to Samuel, also in rhyme! Samuel questions many of the zoo animals but gets no response. His last question is directed to the crocodile,who swims up very close to Samuel with an answer, but Samuel leaps away just in time. The red kangaroo makes Sam realize that his animal questions are "dumb", but that sensible questions asked at home or in school are perfectly fine. "Now their evenings are peaceful and so are their days. Mom, Dad, Sis all love Samuel... he just went through a phase."

Go to, click on books, type in Samuel McCoy, and buy our book. It's 50 pages of fun reading. Suitable for kids from 3-11. $12.95

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Flea Market Finds in New England!!!

Not only was the weather absolutely perfect today, but the shopping was even better. I stayed around the Palmer area mostly because I have a small booth in an antique co-op, The Palmer Co-op. There are a few people that I love to buy from. Their prices are reasonable and they bring in just what I'm looking for...vintage kitchen towels, tablecloths and lace. The sailing graphics are really fun! Now someone from Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard would love these.

Western theme is my favorite. Isn't he cute. He'll be on ebay tonight and you will have a week to bid.

Another find were two very pretty English porcelain decorative flowers...handmade. These are really beautiful. They must have been brought to New England by way of England where they were hand made. Lovely!

And here is the other one...a group of handmade porcelain flowers nestled in a wheel barrow. What fun!

Check out my ebay site -- JudyKahooti (seller) and say hello.

Stay tuned!!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mountain Artist Retreat

Well it's been a while but I've been busy. Painting, Collage, Photography, you name it - I've done it the last few months. But what is exciting is what's coming up this coming week. My best friend Dolly has invited her creative friends to the mountains of North Carolina. We will laugh, cook, and create. How much fun is that? To get ready for one of the challenges that we are creating, I've cut up one of my watercolor paintings to make a grid. They are 1 1/4" square approximately, I just eye-balled it. Now what I do with it once there is another matter. Finding something to cut up is easy. My list is growing as to what I'm going to take with me to play with. This morning I collected (all in my house, now mind you) mother of pearl old buttons, old doll legs and arms, miniature ones, out of porcelain that were dug up in Western Mass so they are probably turn of the century old. Some Moxie bottle caps (very cool) that will be used to make a crown. Crowns are fun and in Somerset Studio Magazine last month, there are some very creative crowns that inspired me.
A fish hook that was caught in a scarf that I bought....try and get a fish hook out of a silk scarf without making a big hole -- well it wasn't easy but I did it.
I'm also taking some bridal photos of the 30's. The folds that they are in are fabulous. This morning I stuck a watercolor of fruit in one to display....very cool. I love checking out the bridges dresses and accessories. And most of their head pieces were very creative.
I've also waxed some old lace and I'll bring that as well. It's a great way to preserve old lace and use it in assemblage and collage. Melt some wax, float your piece of lace and once coated, remove it and let it cool. You can shape it while it is warm but once it has cooled you can't bend it.
So as you can see, this week will be much like collecting at the flea market -- but I will be collecting in my house for things to bring with me to the Carolinas.
I will post photos of our projects, and the new friends that I have met and a picture of Dolly and me.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Creative Switchplate Covers

Today the painter began painting my kitchen. I selected two colors for my walls. Two shades of banana - light and medium.

Once the switchplate covers were removed from the walls, I decided to get creative and paint and stamp them. They are like little paintings. What seemed to work the best was transparent inks that come in little bottles. The ink takes to the plastic switchplate like a duck to water. And when you squirt a different color ink onto an ink that is still wet you get a wonderful abstract thing going on.

Now this idea is not my idea and I must give credit where credit is due. When my little neighbor friend, Sonny Farnsworth, was in summer camp about the age of 10, she made me some black and white switchplate covers, checkerboard (because my kitchen floor is black and white, white cabinet and black granite counters) and they have been on my back splash for at least 8 years. And they still look fantastic. I think she used black acrylic paint and just free hand, painted black squares and left the white switchplate exposed in some areas. Sonny was the most creative little girl and still is (she's in college in NYC) So thank you Sonny for the idea. I wouldn't have thought of it on my own.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vintage Curtain Tacks -- A Must Have!

Whenever I'm out shopping tag sales and flea markets I'm always looking for these painted metal curtain tacks. They are so charming. I don't use them for that purpose -- I have always wanted a wall-sized bulletin board and guess what I would stick my important notes up with? You guessed it!!! These are so cool. I'm sending them to my ebay site today so you can buy these for your creative bulletin board. Cheers, Judy

Vintage Hair Ornaments for sale on Ebay this week

Last September I found a bag of handmade antique/vintage hair ornaments. It was an exciting moment. Each one is different and more delightful than the next. Silk fabrics scrunched together with beads and trim added. All are attached to a hairpin...remember these? I'm putting a bunch on ebay today -- check 'em out! These would be fun and easy to make with vintage trims and beads.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Enjoying Amherst College Mead Art Museum for the first time!

My friend, Thelma and I discovered the Mead Art Museum on the campus of Amherst College today. We've lived in this area for many years and this is the first time we visited the museum. It was fabulous. A painting by Georgia O'Keefe, a Rubens, portraits of Charles Lindburgh and his wife, Andrew Wyeth with his magical curtains blowing in the wind, to mention a few.
Pictured: FINE ART Salome, Painting by Henri, Robert 1909, Oil on canvas, American (1865-1929) Canvas: 77 1/4 in x 36 15/16 in; 196.215 cm x 93.8213 cm

We spent an hour looking at fine art, sculpture and a video by William Barnet. I liked his Dream sequence paintings and we watched a video with Barnet narrating. Then off to a new restaurant in downtown Amherst, Mango Mango! I enjoyed my panini with roast beef but the pork chop sandwich was a little dry. But we would definitely try it again.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spices and Herbs Arriving Soon!

I've been meaning to clean out our spice cabinet for a long time -- some of the jars and bags have been in there since 1970! EEK!

Our wonderful neighbors, Deb and Andy, gave us a gift certificate to an online store called Smith and Truslow. I love their website and it was difficult deciding which assortment to buy because they all sounded so delicious. But I went with "Italian Riviera" and I can't wait until they arrive.
Thanks Deb and Andy!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Displayed 31 artist pages in book format!

Hey there!
A small group of artists in Charlotte (began as a meet-up) met in March to see all the pages that were created for a book. I was lucky enough to be asked by my cousin, Dolly (who is part of the group) to contribute a page (well, actually it was 31 pages) so they could make one book to auction off through Ebay for charity and we each were to receive one. Pam, a wonderful artist, had the idea and hosted the Sunday get-together so we could all come together and actually take the pages and put them together and meet all the participating artists. And what a group of fabulous artists! Now once it was completed and I got home, I said to myself, "how do I display it!" After giving this a lot of thought (I just didn't want to lay it on the table because it didn't do it justice.) So -- in my sewing room I found tucked away in the corner an old jewelry display stand about 12 inches tall. It had four little "L" shaped brackets which I unscrewed and discarded. Well, I saved them in my junk drawer (I can't seem to throw away anything, anymore!) The pole part was not glued into the base -- which turned out to be a good thing. Because I just put the pole through the center of the book, stuck it into the base and voila! It is now proudly displayed in my foyer/art gallery space. Thought you'd like to know! :)