Monday, March 9, 2009

Displayed 31 artist pages in book format!

Hey there!
A small group of artists in Charlotte (began as a meet-up) met in March to see all the pages that were created for a book. I was lucky enough to be asked by my cousin, Dolly (who is part of the group) to contribute a page (well, actually it was 31 pages) so they could make one book to auction off through Ebay for charity and we each were to receive one. Pam, a wonderful artist, had the idea and hosted the Sunday get-together so we could all come together and actually take the pages and put them together and meet all the participating artists. And what a group of fabulous artists! Now once it was completed and I got home, I said to myself, "how do I display it!" After giving this a lot of thought (I just didn't want to lay it on the table because it didn't do it justice.) So -- in my sewing room I found tucked away in the corner an old jewelry display stand about 12 inches tall. It had four little "L" shaped brackets which I unscrewed and discarded. Well, I saved them in my junk drawer (I can't seem to throw away anything, anymore!) The pole part was not glued into the base -- which turned out to be a good thing. Because I just put the pole through the center of the book, stuck it into the base and voila! It is now proudly displayed in my foyer/art gallery space. Thought you'd like to know! :)


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