Monday, July 13, 2009

Mountain Artist Retreat

Well it's been a while but I've been busy. Painting, Collage, Photography, you name it - I've done it the last few months. But what is exciting is what's coming up this coming week. My best friend Dolly has invited her creative friends to the mountains of North Carolina. We will laugh, cook, and create. How much fun is that? To get ready for one of the challenges that we are creating, I've cut up one of my watercolor paintings to make a grid. They are 1 1/4" square approximately, I just eye-balled it. Now what I do with it once there is another matter. Finding something to cut up is easy. My list is growing as to what I'm going to take with me to play with. This morning I collected (all in my house, now mind you) mother of pearl old buttons, old doll legs and arms, miniature ones, out of porcelain that were dug up in Western Mass so they are probably turn of the century old. Some Moxie bottle caps (very cool) that will be used to make a crown. Crowns are fun and in Somerset Studio Magazine last month, there are some very creative crowns that inspired me.
A fish hook that was caught in a scarf that I bought....try and get a fish hook out of a silk scarf without making a big hole -- well it wasn't easy but I did it.
I'm also taking some bridal photos of the 30's. The folds that they are in are fabulous. This morning I stuck a watercolor of fruit in one to display....very cool. I love checking out the bridges dresses and accessories. And most of their head pieces were very creative.
I've also waxed some old lace and I'll bring that as well. It's a great way to preserve old lace and use it in assemblage and collage. Melt some wax, float your piece of lace and once coated, remove it and let it cool. You can shape it while it is warm but once it has cooled you can't bend it.
So as you can see, this week will be much like collecting at the flea market -- but I will be collecting in my house for things to bring with me to the Carolinas.
I will post photos of our projects, and the new friends that I have met and a picture of Dolly and me.

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  1. You are amazing! I had a terrific time with you on this wonderful art retreat. You packed just the right amount of bits and baubles to make a difference in all of our projects. You are inspiration and I love your unique ideas. You have just the right touch! I have truly made a friend for life. I am missing you already!