Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday presents for Judy

It's so great to receive birthday presents in the mail from friends. And not all on the same day. And what lovely handmade creative gifts I received from two wonderful artists from the Charlotte, NC area. My dear cousin Dolly made this fabulous card for creative. (above)

And a few days later I received a box from Sheila Carpenter. Thanks Sheila for your fabulous package filled with some of my favorite antique doll yoyo quilt (oh my!), a box fashioned with "the doll leg" (and I have a surprise for you) and her box is filled with sweet ribbons and things; but the gift that made my jaw drop open was the "Domestic Art" junior high school handmade journal from Sioux City Public Schools, Iowa from the 30's. This just blew me away. See the photos below. How-to embroider...

How to make a facing -- collar pictured here.

And here is the cover -- Complete written directions are inside. A very special journal of a young girls sewing techniques.

You both will receive proper thank you notes in the mail. Sixty-seven is not such a bad number! Thank you so much for thinking of me...can you hear me ooing and ahhing over these!

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  1. Sweetness! I love all these projects and you are blessed- Happy birthday to you!