Monday, March 29, 2010

Great find at the flea market! Vintage flowers!!!

I only had an hour to shop at the local flea market yesterday. It's amazing how many wonderful things one can find in just an hour. The box of vintage corsages and silk flowers was the best. I love the box that they came in (it was just a great box with a transparent lid) but the flowers looked intriguing through that cellophane. Go to my ebay and check it out. Also, a fabulous pair of antique eye glasses, an antique folding ruler, a gorgeous Italian runner and three packages of papier mache mix. You never know when you are going to need papier mache mix, right?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's been a while...

Traveled to Chicago March 5-9. Lily Novak (center front) and her proud parents, Joe and Marylou (far left, far right) threw the most fabulous party with family and friends. Lily celebrated her bat mitzvah and she was the toast of the town. And it was her Dad's 50th birthday as well. Margie (center back) came from Savannah. We stayed with Lawry (wearing his White Sox jacket) and Carole (not pictured) -- in their new fabulous condo in downtown Highland Park, north of the city. What fun! Caryn Burstein (second from left) had some wonderful news. More on that later. Then on Sunday I dropped Margie off at O'Hare and drove to Plainfield, Illinois to see my brother Doug and his wonderful family. Had a great time at a nearby authentic Mexican restaurant and Monday night is mariachi band night -- they were great!

So what's with the Henderson's roses you ask? My friend Kathleen, my flea market buddy, let me borrow the collection of vintage flower prints she found and I scanned every last one of them into my computer. Hoping to use them in some digital artwork. They are all so beautiful. Stay tuned!!!