Monday, June 14, 2010

Sundays are my favorite days

I pulled into the parking lot at 7am. Checking out the outside vendors first. Where's Gino? There he is. I'm happy. He always has neat, interesting and weird things for sale. Hidden behind something, I found an old Atlas with great old maps USA and World. "$1.00 please," he said. Then inside because Ed found me outside and said he had some new antique linens I should look at. Sure enough, he had some dandies. My favorite was a tablecloth and napkins with the tinest cross stitch designs in multi colors. It's beautiful and in perfect condition. It will go on ebay this week. But then, hallelujah. There was two boxes of antique lace that has been sitting in a booth (closed - no one knew where the guy was!) And I've been admiring this lace, from a distance for at least 3 months. Well, today I was in a booth and off to the side was .... two boxes of antique lace. It looked like the same 2 boxes that I've been looking lusting over. IT WAS! I bought them. I spent all day yesterday soaking, washing by hand, ironing and admiring all the pieces of lace. Mid 1800's I would guess. Outstanding. pure heaven.

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