Saturday, July 3, 2010

Three Generations

You can discover the most wonderful information on the back of your family photos. My grandmother, pictured above center, always wrote on her photographs. They meant a lot to her. She wrote, Lois Faunneal, 2 years old, on the back of this photo. Lois Faunneal was my mother. I thought her middle name was spelled with one L and only recently discovered the correct spelling. The ghost-like image to the right is my grandmother's mother when she was young.
My mother was born on May 15, 1922. My grandmother never talked about Cates, Indiana where she lived as a child. This, too, I just discovered. Collage is a great way to preserve family memories. 4" x 6" on masonite board. judy kahooti 2010

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  1. Your collages are very nostalgic. I love them - the colors, textures, organic nature of them all.