Sunday, August 29, 2010

Love to make these!

I've finally found a way to use all my finds at the flea market...crystals, ephemera, German scraps, vintage netting, vintage flowers, maps! Even a dentist mirror. You'll never guess what they are made out of...toilet paper roll. By sewing the bottom of the roll you end up with a pocket of sorts, ready to be decorated with antique and vintage stuff. Gluing and painting and rubber name it...I've done it. There's only one problem....when you run out of TP rolls, you have to wait until another comes along before you can create! I'm at that point, right now.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bummed out all day until now!

I've been bummed out all day! Couldn't focus on work! Then it rained! Then it poured! I closed all the windows but not before everything got wet. Then I said to myself..."you have to get that job done" so I came up to my office. Then the door opened. Burt had a box that came in the mail. Before I even saw who it was from...I knew! I knew because yesterday I bought something for my friend Sheila's mother, Lorna. I was thinking about both of them. Well, I just opened it and I'm so happy. Such clever women! They made the cutest flowers out of old muffin tins that I sent them some months ago. And they are displayed in a flower "box"...which I absolutely love. I'm so happy. Thank you Sheila. Thank you Lorna....and one of these days we will be sitting together doing a "happy craft" together. The antique bottle of glitter sitting in front of your flower box has ribbons that you sent me wrapped around the neck.

Okay, now I really have to get back to work. But now I feel like it! Thanks again. You are the best!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1903 Farmer's Almanac with Dolly Head

Would you believe that the little pocket that my antique doll is in is a toilet paper roll? Well it is! I stitched up the bottom of the roll; painted it, glued antique Farmer's Almanac graphics, added some mother of pearl buttons, set my sweet little "found in the earth" doll head (but first I dressed her in an antique lace sleeve from my stash of lace), added a vintage chenille pipe cleaner to hang and voila.....that's all she wrote!

Hope you like her! I do!!!!