Monday, August 16, 2010

Bummed out all day until now!

I've been bummed out all day! Couldn't focus on work! Then it rained! Then it poured! I closed all the windows but not before everything got wet. Then I said to myself..."you have to get that job done" so I came up to my office. Then the door opened. Burt had a box that came in the mail. Before I even saw who it was from...I knew! I knew because yesterday I bought something for my friend Sheila's mother, Lorna. I was thinking about both of them. Well, I just opened it and I'm so happy. Such clever women! They made the cutest flowers out of old muffin tins that I sent them some months ago. And they are displayed in a flower "box"...which I absolutely love. I'm so happy. Thank you Sheila. Thank you Lorna....and one of these days we will be sitting together doing a "happy craft" together. The antique bottle of glitter sitting in front of your flower box has ribbons that you sent me wrapped around the neck.

Okay, now I really have to get back to work. But now I feel like it! Thanks again. You are the best!


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