Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wednesday Evening is Craft Night in Northampton!

I signed up, along with my friend Kathleen, to take a 6-week, 2-hours each week, class at an adorable shop called "Sticks & Bricks". Check them out at Two young lawyers, Jen and Laurie, who just love to make something out of nothing, got together and started this craft night in this shop. They did a great job. Very well organized with lots of crafting material to choose from. Jen's little one showed up at the side door last night to say "Hi" along with her hubby, of course. And Laurie is going to have twins in March. Wow! Crafting for her will no doubt be put on hold! But back to the evening of crafting. There were 6 of us. We created one-of-a-kind glass trays made from our own original paper designs and/or fabric. I loved the Maritime Nautical maps that were fabulous looking. They worked great on the tiles (coasters) as well. Next week we finish up these projects and move on to something else! Can't wait. Fun...with very nice people. Did I say there was wine and donuts? My two favorite things! Next week I'll take some pictures.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

May I recommend this Have you ever thought about taking one of your designs and having it made into a yard of fabric? Plus they have contests and they give terrific prizes like free fat quarters!! Visit them. You won't be sorry!!!!!

This is one design that is available. Isn't it the cutest?

Friday, September 3, 2010

August Brings Grandchildren! What a treat!!!

Jessie (left), age 9, Nikki (center), age 23, and Jacob (right), age 12. Our grandchildren came to visit us a few weeks ago and what fun we had.

We went to an amazing exhibit at the Springfield Quadrangle Museum featuring LEGOS. Take a look at this...

So creative and life-size Lego sculptures -- amazing!
I can't look at Legos without thinking about these! Nathan Sawaya is a genius. If you are in the Springfield, Mass area, you must check him out.

And of course, while you are there, sit with Dr. Suess and the Cat in the Hat!

Jacob was having a great time!
What is August without a day at "Six Flags"...we had a blast!