Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, are you like me? Are you talking to yourself and saying, "I've made way too much food for Thanksgiving." Yikes....what was I thinking. I'm feeding 4 adults and 2 children ages 12 and 9. Here's my menu...let me know if you think I've gone a little crazy...a 9 pound roasted turkey breast, oyster dressing, cranberry and cherry sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, yams, ambrosia, green salad, green bean casserole with French fried onion rings, and carmelized onions, oh my. Rolls and butter. Then I made a small cheesecake, a big spice cake and oh, I forgot about the huge apple pie that I put in the freezer for Thanksgiving. Got to have vanilla ice cream with the pie, right?

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