Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The gift was given to Kathleen

I woke up last Sunday morning at 5:30am. I was meeting Kathleen to give her a gift. She had given me an antique celluloid hand mirror and I painted it (see above) but this is not how the finished one looked. Repainted it at 5:30 Sunday morning. I'll post the one I gave her a little later. The flea market brought all kinds of goodies but my favorite was an 1800's handmade linen sheet. Delish! It even had three little monograms in one corner in turkey red thread. Oh my. The lady I bought it from told me she had purchased this piece along with other tablecloths at an auction. So...in my mind....it said...you are buying a tablecloth....but when I got it home and started really looking at it, I see that it was made in two pieces, each 36" wide and sewn together. Victorian times women embroidered their initials into their bedclothes but not tablecloths. It's lovely and I'm happy to have it.

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