Thursday, March 1, 2012

The squirrel that got away!

See the squirrel. He/she may be the one that chewed through my screen in the kitchen last fall. I had a box of nutter butter cookies right under the window. When I came into the kitchen -- there he/she was...on my counter top. There were cookies in the sink; bottles were broken on the floor. We both got very scared and he managed to get out of the screen - the way he came in. But he came back 2 more times -- eating through the newly repaired screen.

He stays outside now. I think he learned his lesson. Did it ever occur to you that a wild animal would chew through a screen to get inside your house?  Beware! Don't leave cookies under the windows! It's just too tempting for them.

What a little snow can do!

I have to consider this the "first" snowfall of the winter season in New England. The one in October 2011 doesn't count. Thick, sticky, white, wonderful snow. Maybe about a foot or so. But the clean up begins. Thank goodness we have a little powerhouse of a snow machine. It's small but very powerful. And when the sound of the engine stops...I know it's time to put my packages in the car and get to the post office. That should be around noon.