Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A September Day in Brimfield

Just kicked off my shoes. Unwinding from a day of shopping and looking at antique buttons, lace and an Eames Folding Card Table ($600.00 thank you very much). When I saw the table and ran my fingers over it...I thought, "Mah Jongg" This would be a perfect MJ table for sure. Then I asked the price. Moving on, I came upon a table filled with vintage hankies and linens. Really fun stuff. I made a pile. The dealer went through it. He wanted more than I wanted to spend but we reached an agreement on the price, he was happy and so was I. Now I have to wash and iron everything.

It was a day for antique buttons. My favorite purchase was an old green and white paper plate filled with beautiful antique buttons (three are large and fabulous). I'm taking this card to the next button club meeting. The theme is "bring your favorite carded buttons" to the meeting. No one will have a card like this. 

More antique buttons found their way into my bag. It was definitely a "button" day at Brimfield.

And a lace day as well. A box filled with lace trim, and at least half were handmade lace. Some black, some sweet lace cuffs. I love "lace".

And lots of pretty hankies. Unusual ones. No photos yet (I have to wash and iron them first!)

It's always fun at Brimfield. My next time will be next May, 2014. Can't wait.

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