Friday, March 7, 2014

A Little Lace Project! Happy Day!

The day began with sorting my vintage lace trims that I have been collecting for 15 years. Some I hadn't seen in years because I bought them, brought them home, put them in a storage suitcase and that is where they lived. But today, I decided it was time to see what I had. 

I've had a couple of wonderful painted wooden hangers (one pink, the other blue) and I deciced to dress them in my lace. Very random. Some sewing in place, while pinning in other places. I spent about 2 hours making two. I like the one above because it was the second one I made. The first was an experiment, and I was thinking that this would be a good way to sell my lace at the upcoming (March 16) antique show at the JFK Middle School (proceeds go to the afterschool program, which is always a good thing) in Florence, Mass. So, here's the first one below...

There are about 10 little hand crocheted doilies pinned on the left and one white one on the right. Oodles of lace, even antique bobbin lace, yards of it, tatted lace, netlace that came off of a doily.

A string of mother of pearl antique buttons, dead center.

And the sweetest word...."fairy" embossed on the corner of the hanger. 

For the lace collector, this would be quite a find. All of the lace is removeable and could be used for your own projects or just hang it up and enjoy all those ruffles and history.

Join me at the JFK Middle School on March 16. We'll talk lace!

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